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Anglia Standard

When planning your next residential visit you may be tempted to ask a number of Schools’ Tours Operators for a quote. The question is how will you compare like with like?

  • Will you get real value for money or just the ‘low cost’ option?
  • Can you be sure the price won’t go up once you have paid your deposit?
  • Will your students be inspired by what they experience?
  • Can you trust what you’re being told?

With us...

  • There are no hidden extras
  • What you are quoted at the start is what you pay.
  • A price which includes:
    • Guides who engage and inspire your students
    • Return flights/crossings
    • Accommodation
    • Executive coach with DVD and toilet
    • All meals as shown on your itinerary
    • All entrance fees as shown on your itinerary
    • A Poppy wreath where appropriate
    • Educational material to support the tour
    • Insurance specifically designed for groups
    • For all residential tours a pre-tour presentation to staff, parents and students

What this means is...

  • You achieve more in less time
  • You can spend less time away from school
  • A reduced need for staff cover
  • Like for like – our tours are almost certainly going to be cheaper!
  • You will have an incredible educational experience

So when it comes to weighing up true value for money perhaps you should measure the others against...

The Anglia Standard