Brian Shaw - Guide

Brian is an Ex Warrant Officer in the Parachute Regiment who has been leading battlefield tours for the past twenty years. Originally from Nottingham, he joined the Army in 1974 as a Junior Soldier and rose through the ranks reaching Warrant Officer Class 1 in 1995 and retired from the Army in January 2013 after 38 years’ service.

Brian has had extensive career serving across the globe, in Northern Ireland on operations and from South Africa to the Arctic Circle and from California to Hong Kong. This long Infantry experience and knowledge of tactics, gives him a soldier's eye for ground and the implications of terrain on the weapon systems of any chosen period.

Brian has a long held interest in military history, particularly the Second World War. He uses his own experiences and knowledge of history to bring to life for his audiences what the soldiers of the day saw, felt and experienced. Whilst his passion is World War 2, he also guides Waterloo, the Western Front and Gallipoli for school, military and adult groups.

Brian is a member of our ITG Realties of War guide team and an Accredited Member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides – Badge No 18.

Fields of Expertise:

Waterloo; First World War; Second World War