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David Barron - Guide

David Barron comes from a family of soldiers of various types and abilities, who have served the Crown, with the exception of Cromwell, William of Orange and the early Hanoverian Kings, since the 17th century.  He was commissioned into the Gordon Highlanders in 1979 and served in the army for 35 years, retiring as a Lt Colonel. 

He has a lifelong interest in history - as a 5-year-old, he expressed the opinion that the Second World War was won by Winston Churchill and his father. His army career fostered a passion for military and regimental history and he hopes that he is able to pass this enthusiasm on to those he guides. 

David is licensed to guide at Sachsenhausen Memorial and is a member of our ITG Realities of War guide team.

Fields of Expertise:

First World War, Nazi Germany, Cold War