Martin Featherstone - Guide

Martin Featherstone joined the infantry in 1965, after serving 10 years in the ranks, which included several tours of Northern Ireland and a stint as a Sergeant instructor at the Jungle Warfare School, he was commissioned at Sandhurst. Further service as an officer included Northern Ireland, the Falklands, several attachments to African armies and a tour as a tactics instructor at the Infantry Battle School in Brecon. A total of 28 years service!

He has two married daughters, one of whom served 16 years as an officer in the British Army. He is an experienced solo Adventure Traveller who was made a Fellow Of The Royal Geographical Society for leading several Amazon expeditions. Since February 2019, Martin has been licensed to guide at the Sachsenhausen Memorial.

Fields of Expertise:

First World War, Nazi Germany, Operation Dynamo, Cold War, Hastings, Medieval Europe, Development of Warfare