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Rick Jones - Guide

Rick retired from the army in 2003 after 24 years of service with the Royal Horse Artillery, serving in Germany, Bosnia, Canada and the UK. He recently returned from Afghanistan and the Middle East where he was working as a civilian contractor for ISAF/NATO in Kandahar and Bastion airbases.

Rick's interest in military history and walking battlefields stems from being given a group of WW1 medals as a young child and visiting the areas where they were won. He currently resides with his wife Chrissie in the sleepy village of Shipton Bellinger on the edge of the Salisbury plain.

Since February 2019, Rick has been licensed to guide at Sachsenhausen Memorial. He is also a member of our ITG Realities of War guide team.

Fields of Expertise:

First World War, Second World War, Nazi Germany, Cold War, Development of Warfare