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Rob Yuill - Guide

Rob spent 17 years in the Army as an Infantry Officer, staff officer and instructor. Retired, he is now an MOD Civil Servant, part-time military historian and self-confessed military history ‘nut’ with a passion for introducing people history. Prior to joining the Army, Rob trained as a museum curator, working in the Tullie House Museum, Durham Light Infantry Museum and National Army Museum. Following military service, Rob returned to museums, becoming curator of the newly formed Rifles Museum in Winchester then subsequently Director of Heritage & Commemorations for the Rifles, including overseeing a network of 12 museums relating to the Regiment’s history.

Rob regularly visits battlefields and historic sites across the UK, Europe and further afield; to develop his knowledge and understanding of history. Rob is also a historical re-enactor and living history interpreter of over 30 years experience, specialising in the Napoleonic Wars, Great War and Second World War. Working as a ‘living history’ historian has given him a feel for events, artefacts and characters from the past and in bringing history to life. Rob also has access to a broad range of artefacts real and reproduction, to enhance learning and historical understanding. Rob has advised for film and television productions and appeared in documentaries for BBC History, Yesterday and the History Channel as a historical commentator.

He has also co-authored a two-part history of the Light Division in the Peninsula War and is a member of our ITG Realities of War guide team.

Fields of Expertise:

First World War, Second World War, Living History, Waterloo Campaign, Peninsular War,