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Anglia's Authors

One of the few upsides of the last few months has been the opportunity some of us have had, to get stuck in to a good book or two. For some of our guides the unexpected amount of time they have had at home hasn’t simply meant more time spent reading but, more importantly, it’s been an opportunity for them to get writing. So with a few new titles due our very soon we thought now would be the perfect opportunity to showcase the titles written by members of our unrivalled guide team.

Tim Saunders

Since leaving the Army, Tim he has become a full time military historian and has made nearly fifty full- length documentary films with Battlefield History TV and published numerous titles with Pen & Sword. The latter includes:

  • Hill 112 – Normandy
  • Hell’s Highway – Market Garden
  • Nijmegen – Market Garden
  • The Island – Market Garden
  • Gold Beach Jig Sector – Normandy
  • Juno Beach – Normandy
  • Dieppe – Dieppe Raid 1942
  • Fort Eben Emael – 1940 Campaign
  • Arras 1940 – 1940 Campaign
  • Operation Epsom – Normandy
  • D Day Rangers and Commandos – Normandy
  • Pointe du Hoc – Normandy
  • West Country Regiments on the Somme – WW1

With Rob Yuill he co-authored the two volume ‘The Light Division in The Peninsular War’ published last year and is currently working on ‘The Reichswald – Rhineland 1944’

Dr John Greenacre

In addition to numerous journal articles, and the forthcoming Ops Normal, an authorised operational history of the British Army Air Corps from 1957 to 2017, co-authored with Mike Peters (to be published 2022/23) John has written the following:

  • Churchill's Spearhead (Pen & Sword 2010) – His PhD thesis adapted for publication. Covers the formation and development of Britain's airborne forces from 1940 to 1945.
  • '"When Opportunity Arises": British Airborne Operations in the Mediterranean, 1941-1944' in A. Hargreaves, P.J. Rose and M.C. Ford (eds), Allied Fighting Effectiveness in North Africa and Italy, 1942-1945 (Brill, 2014) - An essay on the experience and development of British airborne forces fighting in the Mediterranean theatre during the Second World War.
  • 'Shadows of Arnhem: British Airborne Forces and the Aftermath of Operation Market Garden' in J. Buckley and P. Preston-Hough (eds), Operation Market Garden: The Campaign for the Low Countries, Autumn 1944 - Seventy Years On (Helion, 2016) - An essay on the physical, conceptual and moral rebuilding of Britain's airborne forces in the wake of the battle for Arnhem in 1944.
  • Ever Glorious (Helion, 2016) - The letters written by the Crookenden brothers (Napier, Spencer and Henry) and by their father Arthur from 1936-1946 in Palestine, France, North Africa, Italy, Normandy, the Ardennes and Germany.

Andy White

Andy’s first book, ‘Fire-step to Fokker Fodder' (Fighting High Publishing) is based on the WW1 diaries of Jack Lidsey. First a private soldier and then subaltern in the Ox & Bucks Light Infantry, he was one of the first volunteers in 1914. He served first in the Ypres Salient before moving to the Somme, where he survived the battles of 1916. He then volunteered for the RFC, and met his end as the Red Baron's 29th victim in March 1917.

His second book, ‘Extremes of Fortune: From Great War to Great Escape. The Story of Herbert Martin Massey, CBE, DSO, MC’ (Fighting High Publishing) is a biography of Herbert Martin Massey. Shot down in 1917 as a teenager and horrifically burned. Not expected to survive, he battled his way back to fitness and continued his flying career. Wounded for a second time during the Palestine Emergency of 1936, his life was saved by his cigarette case which stopped a bullet entering his heart. In 1942, now a Group Captain and not expecting fly on operations, he was shot down on the second 1000 bomber raid to Essen. Taken prisoner, he became senior British officer at Stalag Luft III where he authorised the Great Escape (played by James Donald in the film). He was repatriated because of his wounds and brought home with him the news of the murders of the 50 recaptured Great Escapers which started the process of bringing the perpetrators to justice post-war. Over his career he won the CBE, DSO, MC and 3 MiDs

Andy Wallace & Nathalie Harty

Andy & Nathalie co-authored this essential all-in-one revision and exam practice book, which supports the AQA GCSE 9-1 History topic ‘Conflict and tension between East and West 1945-1972’. Using an active, stepped approach to maximise learning the guide published by Scholastic, offers clear and focused content coverage, key features such as timelines, and structured exam practice and advice to help you achieve higher marks.

Dr Kate Vigurs

Mission France - The full story of the thirty-nine female SOE agents who went undercover in France.

Formed in 1940, Special Operations Executive was to coordinate Resistance work overseas. The organization’s F section sent more than four hundred agents into France, thirty-nine of whom were women. But while some are widely known—Violette Szabo, Odette Sansom, Noor Inayat Khan—others have had their stories largely overlooked.

Kate Vigurs interweaves for the first time the stories of all thirty-nine female agents. Tracing their journeys from early recruitment to work undertaken in the field, to evasion from, or capture by, the Gestapo, Vigurs shows just how greatly missions varied. Some agents were more adept at parachuting. Some agents’ missions lasted for years, others’ less than a few hours. Some survived, others were murdered. By placing the women in the context of their work with the SOE and the wider war, this history reveals the true extent of the differences in their abilities and attitudes while underlining how they nonetheless shared a common mission and, ultimately, deserve recognition.

Mission France will be published by Yale University Press on 23rd March 2021

Rob Yuill

Rob has co-authored the two volume ‘The Light Division in The Peninsular War’ along with Tim Saunders, published last year.  He is currently working on a solo project, ‘Wellington's 7th Division in the Peninsular, The Mongrels’

James Stythe

This October we will be able to count another member of Anglia’s guide team among the ranks of our published authors.  James Stythe’s first book, Military Operations, from Kosovo to Kabul, is due to be published by Pen & Sword, under his pen name James Nelson, on 30th October. After a brief spell of duty in the Far East with a Gurkha infantry battalion, James qualified as a solicitor joining the Army Legal Corps in 1982. During the years that followed he served as a military lawyer, largely advising on the law of armed conflict, until his retirement in 2015 as a Colonel. These duties took him to all corners of the globe, including from Belfast, Berlin and Bogota to the Balkans, Katmandu and Khartoum to Kabul, and San Remo to Seattle. If you want to pre-order a copy this link here’s the link to the Pen & Sword website: Pen & Sword