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Benefits of a Consultation Visit from Anglia Tours

Anglia Tours followed the full tour planning process with St Peter's Collegiate School. After securing approval for the tour to go ahead, Daniel Sheriff took advantage of Anglia's free consultation visit .....

Once Daniel was happy he generated a high level of interest amongst his pupils, the next step was to ensure that, as a new customer, he had an opportunity to meet a senior member of the Anglia team, review the arrangements in place and more importantly talk through any worries or concerns he or his Head of Department may have.

Anglia has been offering Consultation visits to potential customers ever since the company was formed back in 1997. Over the years the majority of these have been conducted by Alain Chissel, Chairman and co-founder of the business and also one of Anglia’s most experienced guides. Alain views Consultation visits as:

“an incredibly important element of the service we provide. They form the basis on which we design the tour and they help us to ensure the tour meets the precise requirements of the particular school. Visits normally take around an hour and are  arranged at a time which suits the school. Although I will ask questions which are aimed at helping refine the programme, it is as much an opportunity for teachers to ask questions of me. Many schools will already have an idea about what they want which is crucial to the whole process. I see my role being to advise, to point out potential logistical issues which may impact on a visit and to come up with an agreed plan – one which the school are happy with”.

It was Alain who visited St Peter’s Collegiate School and given that Daniel described the visit as ‘fantastic’, he must have got the balance just about right.

“Although we were 99% sure we have everything in place, Alain was able to put any issues we may have had to bed. His calmness and experience were so reassuring and we knew we had made the right decision booking with Anglia’

Having reassured the school, the next priority was to make sure the parents and guardians of those going on the tour were able to see for themselves exactly what was going to be involved. So a little over a month before the tour was due to depart, Andrew Pennington, a member of the Anglia guide team, travelled up to Wolverhampton to deliver a pre-tour presentation.

Although these presentations are not a history lesson they do provide an opportunity to show how visiting a site can really stimulate student engagement. This will, in part, help those who are paying for the tour to see  how their money is being spent and more importantly how their child will benefit from the experience. The presentation will also cover tour logistics such as pick-up times, means of transport and meals. The area which we consider to be our overriding priority is the safety of the group. Parents and pupils are often concerned about the accommodation the group will be using and not just how many will be in a room and whether or not it has Wi-Fi. Being an Assured Member of the School Travel Forum and holder of  the prestigious Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, means we are able to offer the reassurance that is so often sought. We are also able to emphasise the real benefits of having a guide on the tour. Many of our guides have held positions of considerable responsibility be that in the military, the police or as teachers. As such they are ready and able to deal effectively with any difficult situations which may arise. Parents and teachers find it reassuring to know that the group will be in safe hands – particularly if they are visiting somewhere new or in the case of St Peter’s are running a tour for the first time.

When it was over Daniel felt “the presentation was a great success” . Given that, as usual there were questions asked after the presentation has finished, I am sure this was a viewed shared by those who attended.

So with a month now to go and the bookings in place, all that remained was for Daniel to collect in passports and EHIC cards from his pupils and begin the countdown to  St Peter’s Collegiate School first ever battlefield tour.

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