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Bring Living History To Your School

These certainly are challenging times for everyone involved in education, and particularly for teachers working hard to help students catch up on missed classroom time. The fact that you cannot run residential or overseas trips, which do so much to engage and inspire students, doesn’t help. Now, more than ever, students need a chance to put their phones down, to laugh with their friends and to develop their knowledge of, and passion for, their favourite subjects.

The fact is there is still no better way for your students to fall in love with learning than by taking them out of the classroom to experience something new. In our recent survey of teachers, over 70% of you said you were planning an educational trip for 2021 or 2022.  Until that becomes a reality, Anglia Tours is ideally placed to offer a memorable educational experience which has so many of the benefits of a residential or overseas trips, an experience that will bring History alive in your school.

Through a series of presentations, each delivered in character by our team of historical interpreters, Anglia’s Living History days are a fantastic way to educate, engage and entertain your students. We tailor each Living History day to meet your specific requirements. Supported by an extensive selection of period uniforms, weaponry and kit, our team can cover a wide range of topics – all you have to do is choose those which you think will interest you and your students the most. Popular themes include:

  • The Great War

Students will learn about the recruitment process; have the opportunity to dress up in uniform and handle period equipment, then see how this develops during the war; explore how the wounded were treated; discuss the end of the war, its cost and the issue of how it is remembered.

  • Surgery & Treatment on the Western Front

Designed to support key GCSE modules, your students will learn about health & hygiene in the trenches; discuss how wounds were treated on the battlefield; examine the casualty evacuation process and the role of the RAMC, new ways of treating the wounded and new technologies

  • The Second World War

Your students will learn about the outbreak of the war; examine the impact on life on the Home Front; discuss the role of the ARP Warden and the Home Guard; examine how Britain coped with the threat of invasion, the Blitz and rationing.

Themes to Meet Your Study Objectives

Our team of specialist guides are able to deliver a whole range of key themes related to your exam syllabus. If you have a particular topic that you would like us to bring to life in the UK, we can work with you to develop a learning experience which will capture your students’ imagination and boost their knowledge.

Engage and Inspire

Having organised guided History tours for schools for more than 20 years, we know the impact that visiting the battlefields can have on students. Not only are they better able to understand the experiences of their forebears, but they can more readily appreciate the challenges faced and the decisions taken. Consequently, during and after the trip students are more likely to ask those questions they may not have thought of in class. Anglia’s Living History presentations can deliver this experience in your school. Our historical interpreters lead each session in character and, drawing on the events and experiences of the period, create such an inspiring environment which makes students feel they are stepping back in time. They actively encourage students to use their imaginations, to ask questions and to really engage with History.

“I put a lot of questions to them throughout the 1 ½ hour presentation and the students were keen to reply. There were so many arms up in the air! After the presentation, it was lovely that so many came up and said thank you. It was really encouraging to talk with the group, who hung around afterwards to ask more questions – another chance to feed their inquisitive minds”.
Dickie Knight, Anglia Living History Guide, after a recent Living History day at Gresham’s School

“Dickie was brilliant and the event was a huge hit with the kids. They were shown the uniform, weaponry and equipment of British and German soldiers and also explored hygiene, health and the evolution of gas masks and grenades. Highlights included watching First World War rifles in action and getting up close to so much of the technology and equipment. The pupils loved the interactive demonstrations, the amount of authentic kit and the energetic and expert storytelling. Highly recommended”
Simon Kinder Head of History at Gresham’s

Contact our experienced team today on [email protected] and we will work with you to deliver a day packed full of memorable experiences. A day that will not just help your students gain a deeper understanding of your chosen topics, but will keep them passionate about History, the stories to be told.

For details on our Living History programmes and our wide range of other UK tours, visit our website Anglia Tours.