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Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation - an Anglia guide's view


Earlier this year we were delighted to announce that Anglia Tours Limited had been selected to act as the Appointed Tour Operator of Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Limited. Working in collaboration with the Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation, we are now offering a thought-provoking journey through the battlefields of France focusing on The Muslim Experience in World War One. A programme which will seek to explore this experience through the eyes of men from around the globe all of whom who saw service in the War.

As part of our preparations for the first of these tours, in August we ran a research trip for staff from both Anglia and Forgotten Heroes 14-19 which took in many of the sites that feature on the itinerary for these tours. As we all expected it was great to have an opportunity to share the wealth of subject knowledge, expertise and know-how which was on hand. We were also honoured to be allowed to handle a range of original documents many of which will be available for those who travel with us on these tours.

For the Anglia team what really stood out was the absolutely wonderful welcome we were given by each of the representatives from the various associations, organisations and agencies we met and with whom we are working on this project.  Listening to the various discussions which took place over the two days and in particular those held in French, English and Berber over dinner, only served to enhance our appreciation for how important these tours can be in encouraging dialogue and social cohesion; creating understanding between people of different nations, cultures, religions and beliefs; and promoting the values of tolerance and mutual respect.

We returned from the research trip, if it is possible, even more enthused and excited to be part of such an important project. To have the opportunity to remember the lives, motivations, faiths and creeds of these men who fought and died with honour and dignity is a real privilege.