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Remembering the Fallen – Recollecting Allied Muslim Sacrifices in the First World War

The Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation and Anglia Tours Limited are delighted to announce the launch of a unique educational tour programme, which focuses on the sacrifices made, in the First World War, by approximately two million Muslim soldiers and labourers from around the globe.




Showcasing original photographs and documents recorded in English, French, Urdu, Arabic and Farsi during The Great War, including personal diaries and letters that did not make it home, this fully-guided 2-day tour explores the shared experiences of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Sikh and Hindu soldiers who fought united, side-by-side while accommodating each other’s cultures, music, gastronomy and religious practices, despite the difficulties of life in the trenches.

The tour has been designed to encourage dialogue and social cohesion by building bridges of peace and understanding between people of different nations, cultures, religions and beliefs, while promoting the values of tolerance and mutual respect.

This initiative has the support of faith leaders, politicians and public servants from the United Kingdom and across the world.

The Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation’s Mission Statement:

The Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation believes in a world of shared histories and shared values. 
This is why we are convinced that educational visits to remember the lives, motivations, faiths and creeds of these soldiers, who fought and died with honour and dignity, are vital in supporting a world of ethnic mosaic where communities feel a sense of ownership of their common futures.

The Muslim Experience in World War 1 is a project of the Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation.

Anglia Tours Limited is the Appointed Tour Operator of Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Limited.

For more information or to be part of this breath-taking, thought-provoking journey please contact us at [email protected]