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To My Unknown Warrior

The Evening of November 11th 1920

Dear boy, I am so happy I have found you at last. I am sure the authorities did all they could, but oh, I am so thankful that the long and bitter disappointment of opening official envelopes is ended. I am so thankful that I shall never again have to read those cruel words..... ‘Regret   -   No Trace’.......

I have found you at last.

Today I stood by your grave. It seemed such a little grave for your great heart. The King and all the mighty of the land were about us, but it was my arms you felt around you as you sank to sleep.

When the bugles blew the Reveille, I almost cried ‘Hush!’ for I had heard your drowsy sigh of content.

Sleep well;  it has been such a long and tiring day. You will be rested when morning breaks.

Tonight, when it is very dark, when all the statues are asleep and the Abbey silent as the grave, I shall steal through the portal of the mansion of the Dead, past the rows of famous warriors, and I will whisper to you words that no one else shall ever hear.

And kiss you good-night.

Unknown author