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Tours for the Armed Forces

Anglia has twenty five years of experience of providing the full range of quality Battlefield Studies and Staff Rides for the Armed Forces.

We provide battlefield studies that range from a Realities of War package for the Initial Training Group, through battlefield studies for regular and reserve units, to high level staff rides for major UK and NATO headquarters.  Every client is different and so are their requirements. Our commitment is to facilitate training that not only meets unit or headquarters’ training aims but is conducted in a manner appropriate to the group. To achieve this the package must be workable on the ground, financially viable and above all, a positive and enjoyable learning experience for the participants.

Consequently, the first step for our mainly ex-Service staff is to discuss with the project officer the training outcomes that the commander wishes from the study. From there we work with project officers to produce workable itineraries, administrative plans, materials required by, for instance, the Army’s AGAI 23 and the supporting training aids.

On the ground during the study or staff ride our guides deliver the historical content and take on the administrative burden, maximising the numbers able to focus on training delivery and outcomes.

Our Expert Guides

The students and teachers who come on our guided tours tell us time and time again that it’s our experienced guides who make the difference. Deeply knowledgeable, full of captivating stories and skilled at connecting with young people, they bring places and events to life in ways that few others can.

Your Educational Needs

We work with you to design a bespoke tour which meets the specific needs of your school and which supports what you are teaching in class. We start by asking what you want your students to see and what you want them to experience then build the tour around these requirements. A tour which, as the testimonials on our website show, your students will find thought-provoking, engaging and enjoyable.

Our Expert Team

From the first moment you contact us, our highly experienced team will look after all your requirements. They will answer your questions, offer guidance, advice and support all the way through the process

Your Safety

The safety and security of you and your students is our priority. We operate a detailed Safety Management System, choose only the best suppliers and offer 24-hour office support for the duration of your time away.

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