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Experience the infamous Christmas when fighting stopped

Take your students to Belgium to witness that singular moment when, albeit for a brief period, fighting along parts of the Western Front actually ceased. 

This tour combines:

  • Meet our Recruiting Sergeant keen to persuade your ‘men’ to sign-up for the British Expeditionary Force
  • Spend time with our Drill Sergeant learning drill & weapons handling
  • Listen to our Medical Officer explain how battlefield wounds, injuries and illnesses are treated
  • Handle period kit and costume
  • Trench meal

Culminating in an opportunity to witness a re-enactment of the Truce itself played out by our team of actors each in the persona of a man who was in the Ypres Salient over Christmas 1914. It is a truly moving experience!

Meeting exam board specifications. Our tour content is mapped against the major examination board specifications for KS3 to KS5 students.

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Curricular Links

Curricular Links

National Curriculum

  • KS3 The First World War and the Peace Settlement


  • AQA Wider world depth study: Conflict and tension: The First World War, 1894–1918
  • Pearson Edexcel:
    • Thematic Study: Warfare and British society, c1250–present
    • IGCSE: Historical investigation: The origins and course of the First World War, 1905-1918
  • OCR:
    • Thematic study: War and British Society c.790 to c.2010
    • British Study: Britain in Peace and War, 1900–1918
  • SQA National 5:Historical Study: The Era of the Great War, 1900–1928


  • Cambridge Assessment International Education IGCSE: Depth Study: The First World War, 1914-18

A Level

  • Pearson Edexcel: Themes in breadth: The British experience of warfare, c1790–1918
  • OCR:
    • Thematic Study: The Changing Nature of Warfare 1792–1945
    • Non-British Period Study: International Relations 1890–1941 

Key Themes

Key Themes

  • Recruitment: why did young men join up in 1914?
  • Conditions at the Front: what was the experience of soldiers in the lead up to Christmas 1914?
  • The Truce: what really happened at Christmas 1914?
  • Why were the events of 1914 never repeated?
  • An opportunity for remembrance

Key Locations

Key Locations

  • Koekenaas (Ace of Diamonds) Farm
  • Hooge Crater Museum
  • Plugstreet Wood 
  • The Menin Gate





Price Includes

Price Includes

  • Fully guided
  • Tailor-made itinerary
  • An executive coach for your exclusive use
  • 1 free teacher place for every 10 paying students
  • All entrance fees associated with your visit

Brilliant with the students and staff and very-well informed about all aspects of WW1

- St. Josephs College