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Anglia Tours Brings History Closer To You

Now can still be a great time to boost your students’ knowledge and passion for their favourite subject. In these times when it is not possible to travel overseas, we have developed a range of guided history tours and experiences that are closer to home.

Anglia offers a host of options, each of which will support your classroom-based teaching. We can: take you to a range of historical sites across the UK sites; provide a series of UK walking tours; run a wide selection of Living History workshops in your school. All of these are designed to enhance subject learning, help you to close the learning gap and give your students a much needed boost to their confidence.

The Trenches are much closer than you think!

Our fully-guided UK Day Trips have been designed specifically to enable your students to develop a deeper understanding of the events, experience and legacy of the First World War:

  • The Christmas Truce

This year, your students can experience Anglia’s popular Christmas Truce tour without having to leave the UK. Through our unique re-enactments your students will meet with a Recruiting Sergeant, be put through their paces by a Drill Sergeant and learn about how wounds and injuries were treated from our Medical Officer. They will witness that singular moment when, albeit for a brief period, fighting along parts of the Western Front actually ceased, and still be back home by Christmas!

  • First World War 1 Day Tour to the Midlands

The tour begins at the Great War Hut, Cannock Chase, where we will look at recruitment and training of the British Army, before moving on for a guided tour of the nearby Commonwealth and German Military cemeteries. After which it is on  the to the Staffordshire Regiment Museum, where you will have the chance to explore a large, reconstructed trench system, see period equipment and weaponry close up and experience a First World War training camp. Your tour will end with a visit to the very impressive National Memorial Arboretum.

  • First World War 1 Day Tour to East Anglia

Delivered in conjunction with our friends at Khaki Devil and the Great War Huts, your students will: visit restored, original First World War buildings; explore a large reconstructed trench system; and enjoy a fully-guided tour of a local cemetery which contains a number of Commonwealth War Graves Commission burials from the Great War.

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London Guided Walking Tours

Led by an experienced Anglia guide, each of our London walking tours visits a range of carefully selected sites throughout the city. By making use of a range of historical sources such as official documents, drawings,  and photographs, we will bring the topic alive for your students, helping them to visualise the environment in a way which a text book cannot.

  • Whitechapel: Crime, Policing & The Inner City

Focussing on the case study of Jack the Ripper, this fully-guided walking tour will cover key themes such as housing, unemployment, poverty, immigration and crime. There is also a detailed examination of investigative policing in Whitechapel at the turn of the Twentieth Century.

  • London & The Second World War

With visits to locations such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Smithfield Market and the ruins of St Dunstan’s in the East, and covering themes including the Blitz, V-weapons and the capital’s response to the war, this tour will explore how London and its people dealt with an unprecedented threat and terrifying reality.

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Bring Living History To Your School

If you want to engage your students and immerse them in historical events, but are not yet able to take them out of the classroom, then why not let us bring the experience to you? Through a series of presentations, each delivered in character by our team of historical interpreters, Anglia’s Living History days are a fantastic way to educate, engage and entertain your students. We tailor each Living History day to meet your specific requirements. Supported by an extensive selection of period uniforms, weaponry and kit, our team can cover a wide range of topics – all you have to do is choose those that will interest you and your students, the most. Popular themes include:

  • The Great War

Students will: learn about the recruitment process; have the opportunity to dress up in uniform and handle period equipment, then see how this develops during the war; explore how the wounded were treated; discuss the end of the war, its cost and the issue of how it is remembered.

  • Surgery & Treatment on the Western Front

Designed to support key GCSE modules, your students will: learn about health & hygiene in the trenches; discuss how wounds were treated on the battlefield; examine the casualty evacuation process and the role of the RAMC; new ways of treating the wounded and new technologies

  • The Second World War

Your students will: learn about the outbreak of the war; examine the impact on life on the Home Front; discuss the role of the ARP Warden and the Home Guard; examine how Britain coped with the threat of invasion, the Blitz and rationing.

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Themes to Meet Your Study Objectives

Our team of specialist guides are able to deliver a whole range of key themes related to your exam syllabus. If you have a particular topic that you would like us to bring to life in the UK, we can work with you to develop a learning experience which will capture your students’ imagination and boost their knowledge.

Plan & Book With Confidence

We understand you may be looking for reassurances around planning a trip. With Anglia Tours, when you are ready, you can start to plan your trip safe in the knowledge that we offer flexibility on postponement and security for your money. Take a look at our Plan & Book With Confidence promise for more information.

Contact our experienced team today on [email protected] and we will work with you to deliver a day packed full of memorable experiences that will not just help your students gain a deeper understanding of your chosen topics, but will keep them passionate about History, the stories to be told.