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Ruth Ross

It is with considerable sadness that we learned today of the death of Ruth Ross last Friday. Ruth was a former Literature guide and a gifted communicator. She was an inspirational English teacher who concluded her career at Tormead School and came to work for Anglia. She was one of the architects of our hugely successful A level WW1 Poetry and Literature tours. These were among the best tours Anglia ever developed, due in no small part to Ruth.

Many students, teachers and fellow guides were mesmerised by her vast knowledge of poetry and literature but also by the way she delivered on stands - she was an exceptional guide.

Here are a few words of Siegfried Sassoon's poem "To Any Dead Officer" – one of Ruth’s favourites:

"...... Good-bye old Lad! Remember me to God.

And tell Him that our politicians swear

They won't give in till Prussian Rule's been trod

Under the Heel of England... Are you there?...

Yes... and the war won't end for at least two years;

But we've got stacks of men... I'm blind with tears,

Staring into the dark. Cheero!

I wish they'd killed you in a decent show".